Youth Services

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell employees a full-time Youth Services Manager (YSM)  to serve as a mental health counselor for our Club members. The YSM is a licensed certified social worker who spends most of her time engaged in programs with Club members in order to get to know them better and build trusting relationships.

Upon orientation, we ask that parents provide the Club with their child’s IEP (if they have one), a list of providers, current diagnoses and any other information that may be helpful in setting your child up for success at the Club. The Youth Services Manager uses this information to support our Club members and their families, and to put systems in place at the Club so that all members may feel safe and well cared for while they are here.

The Youth Services Manager offers individual counseling, group counseling and reconciliation, case management and behavioral support to members. In addition to this, the following programs are offered:

All Stars
All Stars is a program that helps 6th, 7th, and 8th graders develop positive characteristics that research has shown to decrease involvement with risky behaviors. In All Stars, club members identify positive ideals, establish conventional norms, develop personal commitments, and strengthen bonds between themselves and positive institutions such as families and school. They will learn how to set and achieve goals, to make reasoned decisions, and to resist negative peer pressure. The ultimate goal of the program is to keep the club members from beginning participation in substance use, violence and premature sexual activity. This program requires a permission slip from the Club member’s parent or guardian.



Date SMART is a program for teens focused on promoting healthy relationships. The goals of Date SMART are to provide an opportunity for youth to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for establishing mutually supportive dating relationships, to confront the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to abusive relationships and to connect members and their families with community-based resources for dating, sexual and domestic violence and its prevention. This program requires a permission slip from the Club member’s parent or guardian.

Make an impact on the youth in Lowell who need you most.