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Brandon Manseau

Facilities Coordinator

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Phone: 978-866-9326


A little bit about Brandon:

Brandon Manseau is currently working towards receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. In this role as Facilities Coordinator, Brandon is responsible for the general safety and upkeep of the Club, including things such as: disposal, moving heavy furniture, cleaning, etc. A large part of his responsibilities also includes addressing issues with plumbing, electrical, doors & locks, HVAC, painting, fixing computers, maintaining the Club’s vehicles, overseeing inspections, maintaining records, and general carpentry. Brandon has worked for the Club twice in the past, starting out by working in the Kitchen to prepare and serve food, and then moving on to work in the Music Clubhouse teaching guitar and helping to organize activities with the kids.

When Brandon is not at the Club, you can find him building software and exploring the wonderful world of open source solutions. He also enjoys cutting and polishing stones / crystals occasionally. Brandon is always ready to learn new things and gain new useful skills. Brandon decided to work at the Club because he believes his time is better spent in this organization and because he has the unique opportunity to greatly improve his community and do his best to support the staff at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell. As Joe Hungler told him: “Your job is important because you allow others to focus on their job, not a building that’s falling apart.”