Board of Directors and Trustees


Chair of the Directors   Justine DeFronzo

     Vice Chair  J. Matthew Coggins

Immediate Past Chair   Brian Chapman

Treasurer   Thomas Hammond

Clerk of the Corporation   Kristyn McKenna

Chair of the Trustees   Ray Hamel


Colleen Brady

Lewis Demetroulakos

Michelle Donovan

Brenda Evans

Anthony Faletra

Dr. Mark Gilchrist

Thomas Hammond

Vanna Howard

Joe Hungler (non-voting member)

Joyce Leger

Larry Machado

Steve Mallette

Pam McCafferty

Carrie Meikle

Elkin Montoya

Scott Plath

Vladimir Saldana

Brian Sousa

Pat Theodoros

Marty Tighe

Board of Trustees

George Behrakis

Brian Chapman

J. Matthew Coggins

Kevin Coughlin

Justine DeFronzo, ex-officio

Susan M. Dufresne

Dr. Mark Gilchrist

Raymond Hamel

Michael Reilly

Andrew Zaroulis

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