The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell is committed to being anti-racist and supporting marginalized communities who are disproportionally affected by the systematic issues that impact our community each and every day. 

Equity Action Plan

Since June of 2020, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell staff and Board of Directors have been developing a working plan to address systemic racism and discrimination.  We are pleased to share this plan with the community.

To download a pdf version of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell’s Equity Action plan click here.

For a video version of the Equity Action plan with audio click here.

To view the Equity Action plan as a slideshow click here.

Pledge to our Youth

The staff and Board of Directors and Trustees at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell feel that in order to truly become an anti-racist organization, and help work towards and anti-racist society, we must first make a commitment to the youth we serve, 90% or more of whom identify as people of color. By publicly declaring this Pledge to our Youth, it is our goal that everyone who interacts with the Club understands that we will put the safety of our members at the forefront, and are willing to challenge the systems that have created the public health crisis that is racism.

Read the Pledge to our Youth here.

The Club has put out several statements regarding our position on racism in the community, and racism as a whole. You can find those statements linked here:

June 16, 2020 –Statement from Executive Director Joe Hungler on racism in our community, and the Club’s plan to combat racism.

July 2, 2020 – Executive Director Joe Hungler issues statement that the Club believes racism is a public health crisis. Click here to watch the video.

We are determined to support racial equity through concrete actions steps, and one of those steps includes communication and education around the impact racism and social injustice have on young people and their families. This page includes resources to help acknowledge and educate others on the problem of systematic racism in our society, to help talk with young people about racism, and provide mental health and other support to BIPOC kids and teens. Our intent is to both educate and hold ourselves accountable to these actions, and be a resource for community members looking to do the same. 

Resources about racism

Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso

Anti-Racism Training – this training is free (note limited windows to sign up for the free version) or available anytime for a $45 fee. About 6 hours in length, but broken into digestible segments, this training will guide you to:

  • Learn about historical events, ideologies, and social structures, and how they inform modern day beliefs, bias, and perception.

  • Analyze concepts of racial identity, bias, privilege, and prejudice

  • Reflect on their own identity, bias, privilege, and prejudice

  • Identify strategies to engage in difficult conversations

  • Reflect on ways to integrate anti-racism work into their daily lives


Helpful Articles

Supporting/talking with kids about racism