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Julius Sekayi

Music Clubhouse Manager

Contact Info

Phone: 978-866-9064


A little bit about Julius:

In his role as the Music Clubhouse Manager, Julius Sekayi is responsible for mentoring youth and teens through music, influencing their leadership, academics, social skills, and self-esteem He also teaches members the types of music, podcasting, video creation, and phototagrapy, and supervises a small team of music mentors, instructors, and volunteers. 

When Julius is not at the Club, you can find him DJing, listening to audiobooks, going to the gym, watching YouTube, and working on films and photography. Julius works at the Club because wants to help elevate members’ future and make them be the best version of themselves. As a former Club member himself, Julius stays at the Club because he loves seeing positive change in the community he grew up in and he believes working  helps him achieve his career goals and vision.