Cultural Enrichment is one of the most popular programs amongst Club members. Youth love learning about different cultures and celebrating one another through things like arts & crafts, games, and food. Each week, a new country, culture, celebration, or tradition is chosen, with programming for the week centered around that specific theme. Learn more about the Cultural Enrichment Program below. 

In this Program

Introductions to New Cultures

Fun and engaging programs, activities, and conversations are designed to introduce members to countries, cultures, customs, holidays, etc. different than their own.

Solo and Collaborative Art Making

Members have the freedom to brainstorm and create individual works of art or to group think and collaborate with other members in their group on bigger community-arts based projects, such as cultural enrichment-centered collaborative murals or collages.

Engaging Group Discussions

Members are encouraged to participate in significant conversations and group discussions based around culture, social justice, and DEI efforts. These can be led by staff, volunteers/guests, or by Club members.

Field Trips

Local and educational field trips throughout the year encourage members to get out of their comfort zones, have new experiences, and immerse themselves in subject matter that is culturally enriching and fun.

Focus on Self-Love and Self-Respect

The Enrichment Room puts the concepts of self-love and self-respect at the forefront of all of its activities and discussions. Members are encouraged to love and respect themselves and others of all cultures and backgrounds.

Guest Programming/Presenters

Members participate in activities with outside organizations and group presenters to ensure that programming remains varied and engaging.

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Ajadus R.

I came here just to meet new friends and play basketball. I never saw coming here as anything bigger than that, but now I see it as a great outcome for me and my future.

Vladimir S.

An investment in youth is the best investment you can make. You’re not only changing the individual’s life, but the outcome of a whole society, a whole community.

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