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Damaris Pimentel

Damaris Pimentel

Payroll & Human Resources Specialist

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Phone: 978-866-8747


Damaris has over 20 years of experience in Payroll, Human Resources, Management, and Accounting. Damaris holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and Accounting. As the Payroll and HR Specialist, Damaris is part of the Finance team and manages payroll and HR processing systems and procedures. She also assists the Payroll Manager with state, federal, and BGCA requirements as related to HR and payroll. Prior to the club, Damaris worked for Whole Foods Market for 14 years as the Sr. Quality Control, Payroll, and Benefits Administrator among other positions.

Damaris lives in Lowell with her husband and three children. When she is not working at the Club, Damaris enjoys walking, hiking, cooking, reading, and spending time with her family. Damaris enjoys working with all her peers at the Club and she is very happy to be part of an organization that does so much for the kids and the community.