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Devonna “D” Williams

Sports & Fitness Manager

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A little bit about Devonna:

As Sports & Fitness Manager, D is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of a broad range of programs in Healthy Lifestyles including providing leadership to and supervision of part-time employees and volunteer staff  and managing equipment and supplies.  Additionally, D supports programs in the areas of Good Character & Citizenship and Academic Success, as well as specialized initiatives such as Delinquency Prevention.
Prior to working at the Club, D coached Collegiate Basketball for over 19 years. She has been a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach for over 20 years. D also owns her own Personal Training Studio and T-Shirt and Design business.
Education and Certifications:
Masters Degree in Education, with a concentration in Athletic Administration.
Certified Master Personal Trainer (Nutrition Cert, Personal Trainer Cert and Strength and Conditioning Coach Cert.)
Certified Health Coach
When D has spare time (which isn’t often!) she enjoys music and dancing, as well as creating and designing T-shirts and apparel. D is an accomplished basketball player, and was inducted into Emmanuel College’s Athletics Hall of Fame in 1996.
D has chosen to bring her talents to the Boys & Girls Club because she always enjoys giving back to the youth. Her mother was a social worker, so D has been around kids all her life, and always wanted to give back. She wants to help teach and develop our youth of today. D feels as though her background as a basketball coach and a black female entrepreneur that she has a lot to offer our young people.
What keeps her here at the Club simply…the kids!