Club Allies

Club Allies play a very important role in bridging the gap between what our Club members pay to be a member of the Boys & Girls Club, and the actual cost of providing Club services. By pledging a monthly donation to the Club, you can make sure that the youth who need you most always have access to Club programs.

Club Allies:

  • Ensure members access to homework help at the Club
  • Provide youth who need you most access to positive role models
  • Make sure low income kids have a healthy dinner option each evening
  • Make available beneficial programs such as athletics, music lessons, art instruction, robotics, career and college readiness and much more
  • Make an investment in Lowell – every dollar invested in the young people at the Boys & Girls Club returns over $9 in benefits to the community. Click here to learn more.

Club Allies have a tremendous impact on young people at the Club:

  • $100/month sponsors a Club member five days a week throughout the entire year
  • $50/month provides a Club member 10 healthy meals per month
  • $30/month sponsors a Club member for 2 days of programming each week throughout the school year*
  • $15/month supports a Club member’s participation in a specialty activity for the month

*Attending the Boys & Girls Club after school at least 2 days per week has been shown to dramatically increase a young person’s likelihood of graduating from high school, avoiding risky behaviors and  adopting a healthy lifestyle. “Measuring the impact of Boys & Girls Clubs”, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, 2016

Club Allies can make their monthly contribution via credit card or ACH (automated clearinghouse payments) through a bank account.

Avoid credit card fees by joining Club Allies via ACHdownload an enrollment form and return it to Angel Brunelle at or by mail at 657 Middlesex Street, Lowell, MA 01851.

To make your monthly donation by credit card, click here to visit our Donation page. Scroll down to “Monthly Recurring Gift Information” and select the amount* you wish to donate each month.

Once you have provided your credit card or bank information, your first payment will be processed. Subsequent payments will automatically be processed on or around the 15th of each month.

You can cancel or change your monthly giving at any time by calling Angel Brunelle at 978-458-4526 x 19 or email

Please note that Club Allies who make gifts of $84 or more per month will be listed as Dutton Street Society members.

Once you make your commitment to be part of the Club Allies, you will be sent an acknowledgement letter. You will also receive an annual tax statement reflecting your tax deductible gifts made to the Club throughout the year.


Make an impact on the youth in Lowell who need you most.